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Michael Kors Expands His Empire From Designer Apparel To Fragrances

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It seems like there isn’t a designer out there that isn’t making the move to cosmetics. Names like Tom Ford, Jason Wu and Burberry come to mind when thinking of designer apparel brands who have crossed the line successfully. Now it’s Michael Kors’ turn, and that is indeed a beauty line that is truly one to get excited about.

As reported to Women’s Wear Daily, Michael Kors will be expanding his fashion empire by releasing his full line of fragrances, lotions and cosmetics in August of this year. One of the most sought after fashion brands, The Kors’ collection will be sold exclusively at Macy’s and Michael Kors stores nationwide and will have three separate color categories to choose from. The three categories Sporty, Sexy and Glam are called “emotions” and will each have their own signature fragrance as well as two different colors of lipsticks, lip glosses and nail polishes to choose from.

“I think those three things — sexy, sporty and glam — have always been the DNA of Michael Kors, and in a strange way, the Michael Kors woman really is all three of those things — it’s just that she feels more strongly about one of them at certain given times. So I asked myself, how can we express that both with color and with fragrance?” Kors told WWD. “At the end of the day, I try to take a woman and make it easy for her in general,” he said. “I wanted to do the essentials — the things you absolutely have to have to represent that mood. Not because someone told you ‘Oh, you have to have it.'”

Citing influences in creating the three emotions, Michael Kors claims that his grandmother and mother were his inspirations. Aside from the three color themes, Michael Kors will also release lotions, bath products and sun basics like bronzer, tanner and dry oils.

Locally, you will be able to purchase the Kors collection in August at Macy’s located in Eastland mall in Evansville, IN.

Readers, are you as excited as I am about the release of this highly anticipated line by Michael Kors? Or do you think it’s just another designer collection like any other?



How To Buy Sexy Shoes That Fit

shoe JimmyChoo-Shoes-font-b-Jimmy-b-font-High-Heels-Womens-Bridal-Shoes-font-b-Choo-bundefined

Jimmy Choo Lance High Heel Sandal

Jimmy Choo Sandal On Sale At K Jeneal $225.00

Finding footwear that is fashionable, comfortable and affordable is challenging in any season, but the pressure is on in warmer months. Feet swell when we spend more time outdoors – even if it is just to go for lunch or a walk during the workday. And in today’s casual environment it is almost expected that we will have bare legs with more revealing shoes, making the right footwear choices even more important.

Happily, this spring and summer there are enticing shoe trends for women of every age; in every heel height from flats to skyscrapers; and at every price point for every budget. You don’t have to spend much for a trend you don’t see yourself wearing next year. On the other hand, for a timeless style, buy the best quality you can afford.

Before you start shopping, remember that your shoe size can change. Have your foot measured – both length and width. Always buy what fits, regardless of the number on the box. Just like clothes in your closet, you may wear a number of different sizes, depending on the brand and style.

Shop late in the day when feet have the greatest tendency to swell. Take advantage of longer days to fit a little shoe shopping in at the end of the work day. Consider a slightly roomier size for hotter conditions, and if your feet are different sizes, buy for the larger one.

Committed shoppers keep notes about brands and sizes – what works and what doesn’t. This is especially helpful when shopping online. If you aren’t sure that an Internet purchase will fit, make sure you can return it. Better yet, look for a site with free returns.

Once you know what size you are and what brands work best, here are the styles to look for this spring and summer.

Elegant pointed toes. In any height they never go out of style, and are particularly prevalent this year. If you crave stilettos but can’t tolerate the height any more, investigate the kitten heel–cute at a lower altitude. Just make sure you can wiggle your toes. Toe impressions should never be visible through the top of a shoe.

Platforms. Popular during the winter, they are now available in summer styles and are an easy way to get height while feeling like you are wearing flats. But your toes should never hang over the sides of your platform (or any other shoe).

Black and white. The post-Memorial Day perennial is turning up this year in clothes, shoes and accessories. In footwear, this year’s offerings go beyond the traditional “spectator” pump to just about any shape or style in black and white.

Neutral nudes. Kate Middleton is keeping the nude shoe trend strong. Keep your L.K. Bennett nude pump, but also look for nude leather, suede and fabric popping up on many of the spring and summer style trends.

Hot colors. Your neutral, workhorse, go-with-everything shoe doesn’t have to be black this season. Try orange, red or yellow as a basic. And if you can go beyond basic, florals and prints were a pretty addition to the spring runway. Wear them with a neutral outfit or pair them with a contrasting floral and remain on trend.

Solid metallics. Buy any color with a shiny finish–no need to limit yourself to silver and gold. Think pink, mint green and red. If all over metallic isn’t your thing, look for a metallic stripe instead.

Short booties. These were the rage during winter and continue to be popular and flattering paired with shorts and skirts. Rubber Wellies aren’t for everyone, especially in warmer climates. But, a solid or floral short rubber boot with the right casual skirt is a fun trend to try before the weather gets too hot. Just don’t try it at the office unless you work in a garden store.

Strappy footwear. With the “Fifty Shades of Grey” franchise dominating The New York Times Bestseller List, we are seeing spring and summer footwear with a hint of bondage. Straps are turning up in sandals, shoes and even boots. To remain comfortable, look for perforated or laser-cut leather, linen and open-toe strappy styles to give your stylish feet some air. Remain on trend by pairing this style with a summer-weight leather jacket in a bright color or a floral dress.

Oxfords. Dressing from a man’s closet is something we usually associate with fall and winter, but this year you can find a lot of menswear styles in feminine colors for spring and summer. A wingtip with a colored sole is a nice riff on a menswear staple.

Architectural styles. Color blocking, unusual shapes, layering of materials, and metallic decorations abound. If you aren’t ready to go full on into this trend, look for a creatively placed zipper – up the front of the shoe, on the outside of the boot, or up the back of your heel, for some structured flair.

Chunky heels. This is my favorite trend. They make a shoe comfortable and stable at any height. Chunky heels can also be found in new materials such as wood and clear plastic. Higher chunky heels can often provide more stability than a low stiletto, with just as much style and a lot more comfort.

•Remember your arch. Shoes might be the right length and width, but the wrong arch can turn them into pure torture. If you rise up on your toes and the bend in your toe doesn’t match where the shoe bends, the arch is wrong or your foot. Move on.
•Take a short road test. Walk in them before you commit. Make sure your heel doesn’t slip out, the sides don’t gape and your toes aren’t pinched as you walk.
•New shoes should never hurt. Never buy shoes because you think they will feel good after breaking them in. This can lead to bunions, corns and other foot maladies. If they don’t fit when you try them on, try a different size or style. If a company has its shoes manufactured in multiple countries, you may fit those made in one but not another. That’s because each factory has its own set of lasts (forms in the approximate shape of the human foot). Serious footwear fashionistas know what size they are for each of a brand’s different factories.

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Authentic Fendi Sale At K Jeneal Designer Apparel

 Established In 1925, The Entrepreneurial house of Fendi credits it success to three main factors creativity, technology, and craftsmanship (in the highest sense). These attributes come to life in Fendi’s signature furs (completely transformed, shaped, redesigned, and reinterpreted by Fendi), and in innovative shoes and handbags that establish a new philosophy and define a style archetype.

Authentic Fendi Handbags What To Look For.

Authentic Fendi Handbags

Designer handbags just like many other name brand items are constantly being reproduced and sold to unsuspecting customers. Brands like Fendi, Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton and others demand high prices for their bags. This means big business to people trying to sell fakes as authentic since women can spend thousands of dollars on just one handbag. Hopefully you can use the things I write here to help you identify a true Fendi from a fake.

The tips written here only apply to Fendi.

Well first off, if it looks to good to be true it usually is! You can not purchase a true Fendi bag for $100. The saying is true……you get what you pay for.

Authentic Fendi bags have serial numbers printed inside the bag. Each Fendi will have its own unique number. If you are looking at bags in a store and see that all the so called Fendi bags have the same serial number you will know they are fake. The serial number will be printed on the leather inside of the bag and will consist of numbers only.

True Fendi handbags will have leather straps or handles. No vinyl.

The stitching on a true Fendi will be perfectly even and straight with the thread matching the leather exactly. So much so that it blends in and is hard to see.

The buckles will be perfectly square as well as the overall appearance of the purse. It will be totally uniform with no uneven sides or loose sloppy stitching. Fake Fendi bags will have an overall messy appearance. Where true Fendi bags are made with great attention to details. Even the zipper will be perfectly straight and aligned.

The Fendi logo will be expertly engraved into the leather. You can feel it when you run your fingers over it. Fake ones will have the logo printed on.

The other hardware along with the buckles will have the Fendi name carefully engraved on the sides. Also the hardware will have a cover on it that is only removed when you buy it. This protects is from any scuffs or scratches. Hardware will also have a nice new look.

Authentic Fendi bags are sold with a leather authenticity card. If you do not see one do not buy it.

Look for the special hologram sticker that only true Fendi bags will have. These stickers are encoded and can only be viewed with a special magnifying device.

The inside of the bag will smell of leather not plastic and will also feel like good quality leather.

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